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Kacey Clark

Associate Advisor


Kacey Clark is an Advisor and Project Manager with Premier Performance Advising. She has worked with a range of family and business clients, spanning from ownership groups, executives and leadership teams to family businesses and families of wealth. Over the years, she has helped our clients to align their visions, values and needs with the missions and goals of their work.

Kacey works directly with our clients; planning and facilitating meetings, retreats, businesses engagements and presentations. She takes a strengths-based approach to working with her clients, building on their existing talents, systems and documentation to help them create a stronger foundation and clearer path forward. Kacey takes the time to deeply understand each individual, and works with our clients to help them maximize their potential; helping them set and reach goals and execute their plans for personal and professional development.

Kacey’s passion is in working with family and next generation groups to help educate and prepare them for their next steps in life – inside and outside of business. She works to develop content for meetings and retreats that is relevant to each participant, helps to draft company documents for policies and procedures and create personal and professional development plans. Kacey draws on her personal experiences within the family business system, and works to facilitate a processes where individuals are involved and engaged. She is committed to building environments with open communication that foster candid conversations respectfully and earnestly. Kacey helps our clients maintain accountability to a structured process, in which the fundamental building blocks of productive meetings are utilized; clear guidelines and boundaries, mutual trust and respect, and self-awareness and management.

In addition to her direct client work, Kacey manages all of our client accounts; coordinating client engagements, managing schedules, meeting documentation, and general accounting. She also directs and leads our assessments programs; processing data, generating reports and facilitating feedback for communication, personality and business performance assessments (such as the TKI, TPA and customized 360s).

Kacey has an Associate’s degree in Applied Sciences and has great experience in running and leading teams from her previous work experience as a pastry chef for several well-known establishments in the Twin Cities and office manager for other small businesses. Kacey has a great passion for the work that we do at Premier Performance Advising, and has been instrumental in our ability to help our clients achieve their individual goals and aspirations. She enjoys working with each and every one of our clients and strives to help us make a difference in their lives and strives to deliver the best quality work in an efficient, effective and positive environment.