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Culture Assessments

Premier Performance Advising uses the latest assessment instruments to map the internal dynamics of groups/organizations of all sizes and kinds, otherwise known as a group’s collective culture. Understanding the principles, behaviors, and sensibilities that make your organization unique is critical to identifying the practices which allow your organization to thrive, and diagnosing those that are impeding growth and harmony. Our advisors are trained in both the administration of these assessments and the interpretation of their results, and work with clients to provide clear, plain-language solutions to optimize group dynamics, and turbo-charge your organization’s performance.

Executive And Performance Coaching

Premier Performance Advising utilizes the latest research in performance psychology to enhance individual performance and well-being, optimize organizational dynamics, and accelerate personal and professional growth. Combining assessment instruments with scientifically-proven performance models, our team can both create and supervise a customized process designed to meet your needs, and achieve your goals.

Culture Assessments

At Premier Performance Advising, we recognize how difficult it can be to find time to hold meaningful conversations with your partners and colleagues amid the distractions of your daily lives.  One of the most powerful ways to enhance relationships, foster healthy communication, and create meaningful understandings among the executive group is through intentional meetings and retreats.  Premier Performance Advising can enhance this experience by facilitating important discussions on key issues related to vision, values, strategy, expectations, and communication that are vital to the success of your business.

Advisor Training

Behind every successful executive team is a group of trusted advisors. Premier Performance Advising works with members of the advising ranks—from financial advisors, to trustees, to administrators and support staff— to develop the requisite skills to perform optimally, and in a manner consistent with the vision and values of the larger operation. An emphasis is placed on expanding core knowledge and skills, internal and client-facing communication techniques, navigating difficult conversations and meetings, and aligning daily operations with the larger mission of the organization.

Leadership Development

Don’t leave your leadership – and your company’s success – up to chance. Premier Performance Advising has helped countless organizations to identify the leadership factors specific to their success, utilizing an adaptive approach that is tailored to the needs of the client. We help organizations to create cultural alignment through the lens of emotional intelligence; one of the most critical factors to leadership and impactful areas on the bottom line.

Team Building

Team building can strengthen trust, improve communication, reduce conflict, and organically develop leadership roles in key personnel. Premier Performance Advising develops customized team building initiatives that utilize proven sport psychology concepts (the very concepts we have used with professional and collegiate athletic teams) to enhance group chemistry and performance.


Harmony Assessments

Like any group, each family has its own idiosyncrasies and internal chemistry. Yet unlike any group, family dynamics form over nearly all stages of lifespan development, and are both helped and hurt by their intimacy, their complicated histories, and their underlying expectations of love, loyalty, and security. Our advisors respect the importance of these relationships, and the sensitivity individuals can feel when addressing problems within their family dynamic. For these reasons, we have developed assessment models based on communication and facilitated group feedback designed to engender closeness and enrich harmony within and between generations.

Development Planning

Premier Performance Advising works with both individuals and families to develop processes for personal and professional development. Through a combination of interviews, assessment instruments, and values-based exercises, our advisors will help you develop customized benchmarks for success in the short, intermediate, and long term, and chart a practical, step-by-step path for reaching them.

Family Retreats

There’s no more powerful a way to demonstrate your family is a priority than to spend time with them. Premier Performance Advising can enhance this time by marshalling facilitated discussions on issues important to you, your family, and your legacy. Choosing a location that is fun and inviting can increase joy among all family members, and make the retreat as memorable as it is meaningful. Balancing hours of good family discussion and group activities with periods of rest and recreation makes for a rewarding experience that leads to a thriving family dynamic and legacy.

Legacy Training

Establishing a shared set of values and a common vision for your family can create a legacy that lasts for generations. Premier Performance Advising helps families work together to identify what is most important to them, and how to impart those values to future generations through family branding, legacy videos, philanthropic endeavors, and more.

Next Generation Coaching

The overarching goal of any family is to ensure the health and happiness of the next generation. Premier Performance Advising specializes in working with next generation family members to help them realize their family’s legacy and maximize their own unique potential. Our advisors take into account the age and development level of the next generation and, through our specialized Next Generation Roundtable Course, create a customized plan to help them find their own individual identity, embrace their position within the family, and enhance their overall quality of life.

Conflict Resolution

If you are in a family experiencing difficulty or conflict, the problem is often not the conflict itself, it is an inability to successfully resolve the conflict constructively and compassionately. Avoiding, blaming, and triangulating is seldom a sustainable answer. The good news is that there is hope. Poor communication and conflict often go hand in hand, and Premier Performance Advising is experienced in facilitating meetings for families and groups that have difficulty communicating in contested environments. Drawing from decades of experience working with families and small groups of all kinds, our advisors will provide a process and solutions that can enhance family harmony, foster understandings, and resolve conflicts in a manner which is both constructive and respectful to the needs and sensitivities of all parties.