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Corporate Combine: Unleashing Leadership Potential

Empowering Leadership
Excellence: Our Dual-Approach

At Premier Performance Advising, our Corporate Combine is a strategic initiative tailored to elevate your organization’s leadership and talent assessment capabilities. This dual-component program is designed to harness and develop the potential within your team through two key dimensions:

Group 39234

Assessment Center

Leverage draft profiling techniques to assess and identify the most suitable candidates for your team. Perfect for both hiring and promotions.

Group 39235

Leadership Development Program

Engage your leaders in a comprehensive 4 to 6-month program that builds essential leadership skills through practical, experiential learning.

Through these integrated approaches, the Corporate Combine not only sharpens your team’s leadership abilities but also aligns their skills with the strategic goals of your organization. Engage with us to transform your leaders and optimize your team’s performance.

Our Program Details

  • Month 1

    Leadership Foundations

    • Preliminary assessments and pre-work
    • Emphasis on leadership transitions and authenticity
    • Foundational workshops and seminars
  • Month 2

    Self Awareness (Performance EI)

    • Focus on personal triggers and strengths
    • Use of biofeedback and self-assessment tools
    • Personal development exercises
  • Month 3

    Other Awareness (Performance EI)

    • Training in empathy and interpersonal skills
    • Role-playing to enhance team dynamics
    • Communication workshops
  • Month 4

    Guest Speakers and Refreshers

    • Guest insights from sports and business leaders
    • Non-traditional activities for creativity
  • Month 5

    Situational Awareness (Performance EI)

    • Scenario planning and situational adaptation
    • Simulations for real-world applications
  • Month 6

    Emotional Regulation & Final Challenge

    • Mastery of emotional responses
    • Preparation for the challenge assignment presentation
    • Final presentation to the CEO and executive team

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