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Performance consulting services for high pressure environments.


Corporate Combine

The corporate combine is a series of strategies utilized by the highest performing athletes in the world, customized for high-potential corporate leaders.

Keynote Presentations

With a wealth of experience helping teams achieve performance excellence, PPA’s keynote speakers offer dynamic presentations tailored to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by organizations today. Through engaging storytelling, compelling research, and practical strategies, our keynotes empower audiences to drive meaningful change and achieve sustained success in their endeavors.


Leadership Development

We have guided numerous organizations in identifying and cultivating the essential leadership qualities that propel team achievement and performance forward. Leveraging a blend of psychological assessments, experiential learning, professional guidance, and activities focused on performance mindset cultivation, our cohort-based strategy enhances leadership competencies in communication approaches, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and performance under pressure.

Executive Retreats

Recognizing the transformative impact of dedicated retreats on executive team performance, we specialize in curated experiences that promote self- and team-discovery. These retreats are custom-designed for each team to improve communication, build trust, and ensure alignment among team members. Our PPA consultants collaborate closely with you to tailor a retreat agenda that illuminates leadership styles on individual, team, and organizational levels, ultimately fostering a deeper understanding, connection, and clearer vision for all participants.



Team Building

Team Chemistry can strengthen trust, improve communication, reduce conflict, and organically develop leadership roles in key personnel. Premier Performance Advising develops customized team building initiatives that utilize proven sport psychology concepts (the very concepts we have used with professional and collegiate athletic teams) to enhance group chemistry and performance.


At PPA, we recognize the value of efficient and accessible professional development. We offer tailored programs designed to deliver impactful learning experiences in manageable, time-efficient segments. Through interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, attendees acquire actionable skills and strategies to enhance performance in areas such as influence, agility, resilience, and emotional intelligence, empowering them to drive positive change within their teams and across the organization.

Executive Coaching

Premier Performance Advising seasoned coaches are equipped with expertise in both leadership development and performance psychology, providing a holistic approach to growth. In tailored one-to-one sessions incorporating assessments and targeted strategies, participants cultivate essential skills that optimize influence, trust, and efficiency. Our approach ensures individuals possess the mindset and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the modern business world, fostering sustainable success for both themselves and their organizations.

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