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Justin S. Anderson, Psy.D., LP

Justin S. Anderson, Psy.D., LP



Dr. Justin Anderson is highly trained and experienced in the facilitation of business, family, team, and individual development. He has extensive experience working with business leaders/managers, families, ownership groups and family councils. Over the years, he has helped countless family businesses through complicated transitions and development initiatives.

Justin is commonly invited into multi-faceted business situations (both family and non-family) where an understanding of leadership, next generation and/or management development, business, interpersonal dynamics, governance, and wealth or finances may be at play. He draws on his experience as a psychologist, family business advisor, and professor in both organizational and sport/performance psychology. Justin has a particular interest in helping families, businesses, and teams achieve long-term goals through deliberate and insightful planning.

Unlike traditional consultants who focus more on past deficits, Justin utilizes a positive, strengths-based developmental approach that can help family businesses create new patterns that lead to sustainable success for a prolonged period of time. He is committed to building positive and productive meeting environments as well as building confidential relationships with his clients. Justin does this by addressing key principles that are fundamental to success of any system. These principles include: alignment, awareness/acceptance, trust, managing expectations, setting clear meeting guidelines, constructive communication, improving perceptions/cognitive focus, identifying clear roles/responsibilities, and boundary clarification. Through this process, he has helped many family businesses develop higher efficacy, build better relationships, and consequently live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Justin has consulted with owners, boards, executives, management teams and family councils in their succession planning and next generation development efforts to help family businesses maintain communication and cultivate family harmony. He has facilitated numerous business retreats in which multiple family generations, leadership teams or ownership and shareholder groups are brought together to discuss the important issues that often occur within their business systems that may often go overlooked. During these retreats, clients are able to address the issues of the business, work through interpersonal dynamics and build mutual trust and respect in a positive and open environment. Justin often includes educational components and experiential activities to help individuals deepen their own personal awareness and those of their peers. Each meeting and/or retreat is tailored specifically to the needs of the client to ensure meaningful results.

Whether you are a business owner looking to find the best possible transition strategy, a family looking to more optimally pass along your values and wealth to the next generation, or an executive/leader looking for a coach to give you some tools to better manage your organization, Dr. Anderson and his team at Premier Performance Advising, PLLC can help.

Education and Training
Dr. Anderson has an undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Business from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s degree in Education/Sport Psychology from Boston University, and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas (MN). He obtained a pre-doctoral internship at the University of Memphis, and a post-doctoral internship at the University of North Texas. After working with several Division I athletes/teams as a sport and performance psychology consultant, Dr. Anderson was invited to join the Legasus Group, LLC., a family business consulting firm in Kansas. There he worked with many innovative thinkers who are evolving the field of family business transitions. In 2009, Dr. Anderson moved back to his home state of Minnesota to be closer to his family and opened his own consulting firm – Premier Performance Advising, LLC. He currently works with businesses and teams with advisors from all over the country to deliver profitable, evidenced-based interventions.

License and Certifications
Dr. Anderson is a Licensed Psychologist in Minnesota. Premier Performance Advising, PLLC is based in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

He is also a Certified Trainer in the Process Communication Model (PCM) from Kahler Communications. The PCM is an excellent tool for individuals, executives/managers, ownership groups, and business teams to better understand personal motivators, communication styles, and distress patterns.

Dr. Anderson routinely presents at many local, national and international conferences and organizations. Recently he presented at Family Firm Institute, Inc. (FFI) International Conference in Boston, MA about his Transition Preparation Assessment (TPA) tool. In addition, he has presented at the Prairie Family Business Association, which is the 2nd largest family business association in the country. Click here for a link to a list of Premier Performance Advising’s recent and upcoming presentations.