Our Company

Justin S. Anderson, Psy.D., LP
Dr. Justin Anderson is highly trained and experienced in the facilitation of business, family, team, and individual development.
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark is an Advisor and Project Manager with Premier Performance Advising. She has worked with a range of family and business clients, spanning from ownership groups, executives and leadership teams to family businesses and families of wealth.
Dr. Janet Finlayson
Janet Finlayson, PsyD, LP is a performance enhancement consultant who specializes in executive coaching, transition and change management, relationship building, and conflict resolution.
Adam Gallenberg, Ph.D.
Dr. Adam Gallenberg is a Postdoctoral Fellow specializing in performance psychology. He strives to help individuals and groups develop a growth mindset, enhance motivation, and promote positive coping skills for a variety of personal and organizational growth needs.
Chrissy Holm
Christine “Chrissy” Holm, MSc is a performance enhancement consultant to individuals, teams, and organizations. She enjoys helping her clients achieve their best, especially when the pressure to deliver is at its peak. Chrissy is a former NCAA national champion and world champion in rowing.
Benjamin Merkling, Psy.D., LP
Dr. Ben Merkling is a performance enhancement consultant to individuals and teams. He is originally from Saint Paul, MN and obtained his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of St. Thomas.
Cathy Winter
Cathy brings to her clients the insights and learning from over 25 years of consulting and line management experience in sales, operations, and human resources for a number of public and private organizations.
Ron Wuotila
Ron Wuotila is an accomplished coach and sports executive that knows what it takes to get the most out of athletes and executives having spent the last eight years focused on elite coaching and leadership development.

How We Work

Premier Performance Advising seeks to transform less optimal behavioral patterns into new behaviors that work to enhance health and harmony. Unlike other consultants who focus on past deficits, the PPA team utilizes a positive, developmental approach focused on ‘now’. We are committed to building productive, confidential relationships with our clients and will work closely to find win-win solutions that everyone in the system can agree upon. We do this by addressing key principles that are the fundamental to success of any system. These principles include: awareness, trust, constructive communication, improved perceptions/cognitive focus, acceptance, clear expectations, confidence, and boundary clarification. Through this process, we have helped many businesses and individuals develop higher efficacy, enhance relationships, and consequently live healthier and more fulfilling lives.